Tor Project: OONI Social Media Sharing

Hello there. :star_struck:

I’m super excited to be selected as a GSOC 2020 student. I’ll be working at OONI Explorer and will be implementing a social media sharing feature for their measurements.

This topic will be used to track my progress, and my weekly blogposts which I’ll be posting on my medium page.

Super excited for this. :smile:


Well Well Well, here is my first post detailing about getting accepted into GSOC.

I do realize I wrote Anxious to Excitement instead of Anxious to Excited in my title :sweat_smile:


And we have the second week’s blog post. My posts don’t really focus on what I actually did in the whole week. Instead they are more about what was on my mind during the week.

I hope you guys like it.

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I’m a bit late, but its here. This week’s post.

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These blog posts are like whistle-stop stations where one can freshen up before continuing the journey once again.

This is a great quote, and a great way to describe the value of taking a short pause to capture how things are going. It will also be an interesting experience to go back at the end of GSoC and review how far you have come, and looking back at these days being the start of it all. :slight_smile:


I didn’t have much motivation to write a post this time around. But I did the best I could:

I’m sorry for posting this super late. This was supposed to be posted on Friday. Some work prevented me from getting to it.

This week’s blogpost detailing some stuff about metadata.

A bit more technical for this week’s post

Damn, I’m late. This blogpost tells why:

A small blog post this time since, I still have a lot of things going on. But I’m feeling better

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Summarizing my work for the previous week…

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Summarizing my work for this week:

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I’m feeling good after a short 3 day break from the hectic routine.

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This week’s special: Testing

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This week’s rant:

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