Updates for intake -evaluation-onboarding docs

This past Friday @rpatterson @harensen & I among other topics reviewed the cadence and schedule for the new intake & onboarding models that have been under development.

@sfarooqi We were thinking you might have been the most recent person to work on the notes & docs related to those changes. If so, would you be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

(There is a bug in GitLab related to this, as well as the need to update our documentation as we start to integrate it with the Hub platform.)

FYI, this is the current version of the text, which we re-sent out today to a group of people who did not receive the correct content. We should confirm it is correct and in line with the current (new) process.

Thank you for contacting the DIAL Open Source Center with your inquiry about 
participation through membership. Due to overwhelming demand and limited 
resources, we are currently reviewing applications in batches once each calendar 
quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December). 
Unfortunately we will not be able to update you regarding your application 
status until program leadership has completed this quarterly review.

At the beginning of the review cycle, all applicants in the previous quarter 
will be contacted to complete a short survey to provide details about the 
current status of your project/community. This survey will request details such 
as purpose, current contributors/participants, impact and reach of your 
software, and current activities happening in your community.

OSC membership may also be obtained by applying for & receiving a grant through 
one of our ongoing programs. Please see https://www.osc.dial.community/ for 
additional details about upcoming opportunities and how to apply.

We also encourage you to sign up at the OSC Hub, our recently-refreshed center 
for announcements, discussion, and questions among our members and others 
maintaining open source software projects at the intersection of international 
development, humanitarian response, and peace-building. OSC Hub members also 
receive announcements about new OSC programs and opportunities. Visit us and 
sign up today to stay in touch: https://hub.osc.dial.community/

Finally, if you need to withdraw your application, or would like to update us 
with new information or contact details, please simply reply to this message.

We appreciate your interest!

-- Governance Advisory Board, DIAL Open Source Center

Your application tracking ID: %{ISSUE_PATH}