Updates on Outreachy year-end 2020

Hi everyone! We wanted to reach out to everyone who has been involved with #outreachy during past rounds – particularly our past @outreachy-mentors – with an update about this upcoming winter/year-end 2020 round.

Our parent organization DIAL is currently doing some reorganization as part of its next round of funding. As a result our fiscal year, which formerly ran from October-September, is being shifted to a more traditional calendar year (January-December).

As a result of these changes, we were not able to access budget funds to sponsor Outreachy for the year-end 2020 round in time for the intern selection timetable. This means we are unable to be marked as funders for Outreachy interns this upcoming round.

However, we still encourage any of our past affiliated communities to consider participating. We have heard that some of you have already been looking at additional sponsors. For those unable to locate appropriate sponsors, you may want to drop a line to the Outreachy organizers expressing your interest in the event additional funds may be available.

The OSC looks forward to participating in upcoming rounds of Outreachy and remains strong supporters of the program! We are grateful for your understanding as we work through our back-end restructuring process. And while we regret not being able to participate directly this round, we are looking forward to the simplicities that a more traditional fiscal year will bring to us.

Thank you.

I appreciate that I was able to work with you in the past.



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Thanks for the heads up, Michael. We appreciate DIAL’s support of this work.

Kind regards,