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Why Open Source Software Matters for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit


Kate Wilson, CEO, Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL)
Heath Arensen, Director of Sustainability, DIAL Open Source Center

As part of the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit, the DIAL Open Source Center community is invited to join us for an online open session to discuss why we should care about open source software designed in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. This webinar will address the role software plays in international development and make the case for convening a multi-stakeholder effort to develop support to support these products to achieving long term sustainability and shared value.

As the UN system, together with the international development community and governments, are increasingly embracing open source licensing to avoid vendor lock-in and enable global adoption there remain persistent challenges in the long term sustainability and efficacy of open source software.

Further, as they scale, the requirements for maintaining them increasingly falls outside of the core competencies of their founding organizations, and when the cost of sustaining the project outlives the initial grant funding, many products start asking the same kind of questions: How do we find a new long term organizational home? Should we spinoff? What revenue sources can support us?

This exclusive webinar will explore the themes and key learnings from organizations supporting open source software in international development.

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