Webinar: Choosing from Open Source licenses

Our friends at Tidelift are offering a webinar to focus on all things open source licenses. If you have questions about the many choices that are out there, or the ramifications of one choice vs another, this may be an insightful event for you to attend, free of charge. Registration is required below:

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’ve ever wasted time pondering the permissiveness of an open source license
  • You’ve googled any of the following: “copyleft licenses,” “open source license compliance,” “how to choose an open source license,” “what is the difference between MIT or GPL or Mozilla license?”
  • Your organization has ever faced legal consequences because you’re using a package with a non-compliant license
  • You need help figuring out which licenses your organization should allow
  • You use open source software at all—you really should understand the basics of the licensing side of things