Webinar: What are Global Good Software Costs?

The Global Digital Health Network’s next monthly meeting, hosted by Intrahealth at its Chapel Hill, USA offices, and online via webinar, has announced its topic: "What Does It Really Cost to Develop Global Digital Health Goods?"

The following summary is provided by ICTworks:

USAID has introduced the Software Global Goods Valuation Framework to enable donors, software development organizations, governments, and others to estimate the cumulative development cost for software global goods. Recently the framework valued 3 global digital health goods at $109 million dollars.

Please RSVP Now for a lively online discussion of the Framework and how we can use its two key outputs to better value digital health solutions:

  • The retrospective development costs of a software global good
  • The ongoing costs of maintaining and further developing the software

Together these estimations of financial investments into software global goods provide a calculation of their valuation to-date and can serve as a data point for consideration by decision-makers in selecting software systems to meet country public health needs.

Please RSVP Now to engage with four people intimately involved with the framework:

We’ll dive into new research from USAID and the Boston Consulting Group that analyzed the development costs and maintenance needs of OpenMRS, Commcare, and iHRIS using the Software Global Goods Valuation Framework and how each of us are using this new tool in our global good development process.

What are Global Good Software Costs?
15:00-16:00 GMT – February 27th 2020
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