Weekly Update Meeting 2020-W10

The OSC Weekly Update meeting for Week 10 of 2020 is scheduled for this Tuesday, 2020-03-10.

Who? Why? What?

All @osc-team members requested to attend this live real-time meeting, and the meeting is open to others who wish to listen for updates. A summary of the meeting will be posted to this topic after the meeting has completed.


No later than the end of Tuesday AOE, every @osc-team member should reply to this post and provide:

  • A short written update of their past week, and
  • Any topics they would like to add to the ongoing disucssion queue.

How? Where?

My weekly updates

  • Sustainability: Participted in some additional workshop sessions for developing presentation materials for the OSC business model for donors and alignment with new DIAL strategy - @harensen & @sfarooqi who have prepared the bulk of the material. Had some initial discussions and meetings with OpenSRP, ODK, and OpenCRVS related to their current concerns in sustainability-related topics.

  • Membership programs: Work is underway to sort and reformat CG-04 applications, which should be ready for review in the coing week. As highlighted in the daily standup reports, we are still awaiting the DIAL/UNF contract review process for Bitergia, and OSC member projects are standing by to begin working with them on analytics services. Our meeting has been delayed with Digital Square and plan to discuss content engagement plans and using the Hub for various things, awaiting word from @abendor (who had been out ill) on their interest.

  • Mentorship programs: We have 8 projects funded and rostered for the mid-year Outreachy round and student applicants are now open for interaction with the programs, which we are facilitating to a light degree. We have completed the grant amendment for Outreachy which is out for signature; and we are pending payment on an invoice for this round. GSoC preparation continues as students have begun reviewing sub-orgs’ project ideas; we did an orientation with Primero and will do another with moja global.

  • Misc.:* We have also spent a lot of time assisting DIAL with providing input into their organization-wide strategic planning process. This will tie in to some extent with our business model fundraising mentioned above. We are also still working to normalize and socialize time tracking, which will hopefully become habit in folks by the end of this month. Also still working to get more folks to provide written input into this topic each week so we can have a more productive weekly meeting. We have done a good job on #pgm:standups so I’m confident we will improve in these areas as well.

Meeting notes

Coming after the meeting