Weekly Update Meeting 2020-W13

The OSC Weekly Update meeting for Week 13 of 2020 is scheduled for this Wednesday, 2020-03-31.

Who? Why? What?

All @osc-team members requested to attend this live real-time meeting, and the meeting is open to others who wish to listen for updates. A summary of the meeting will be posted to this topic after the meeting has completed.


No later than the end of Tuesday AOE, every @osc-team member should reply to this post and provide:

  • A short written update of their past week, and
  • Any topics they would like to add to the ongoing disucssion queue.

How? Where?

My weekly updates

  • Sustainability: Participated in a review for plans to distribute/publish our Sustainability guidebook through the DIAL Beyond Scale initiative.

  • Membership programs: CG-04 review wrapping up in a private Discourse category – reviewers were asked to spend 4 hours this week and last week to determine their “top 10”. Emails went out this past week about the delayed annoncement timeline. We are still awaiting UNF legal to review/approve Bitergia contract. Meeting scheduled with Digital Square for this Thursday on partnership activities. Provided several ad hoc support and consultation sessions with some of our projects on issues & questions related to Outreachy, COVID-19 work, grant applications.

  • Mentorship programs: The mid-year Outreachy round is underway and applicants are working with potential projects. Waiting to hear update on Outreachy invoice payment status. GSoC timeline was extended due to COVID-19, student application period has closed. We have reviewed & sorted applications to sub-org admins & mentors for selection process which began yesterday, and updated them on process.

  • Misc.: Reminder to folks to please provide written input ahead of the meeting to improve its value. Also please pay attention to the new UNF/DIAL annual review guidelines for the process which kicks off this week.

Meeting notes

Coming after the meeting