Weekly Update Meeting 2020-W7

The OSC Weekly Update meeting for Week 7 of 2020 is scheduled for this Wednesday, 2020-02-12. All OSC @team members are requested to attend this live real-time meeting, and the meeting is open to others who wish to listen for updates. A summary of the meeting will be posted to this topic after the meeting has completed. Meeting URL: https://zoom.us/j/289468425

Thanks to the entire @osc-team and guests for participating in our 2nd “new” weekly meeting yesterday. Here’s a summary of the conversations – the full notes are available on DIAL’s Sharepoint site.

  • We discussed paperwork and other administrativia related to a new sustainability consulting engagement we’re preparing. One of UNF’s existing funders will be providing financial resources for this work, so it raised some internal questions about accounting and recordkeeping. It sounds unlikely that there will be any UNF indrects on these funds given the structure of the agreement, and that we will be able to account for it as a separate budget line item for “consulting revenue” (or something along those lines) for this and other future projects. Thanks to those assisting on the DIAL operations team!

  • On a related topic, we also discussed how to handle “smaller” donations and funding that comes in for things like grants and other programs we already run. It sounds like this will also be accounted for similar to the item above. There is a specific potential donation in question, and we’ll learn more about it during a meeting with the donor later in February, so more updates will be forthcoming.

  • We are finalizing our agreement with Bitergia for the coming year. An open question is related to how they might interact with the maintainers and teams from OSC member projects. Lots of rich discussion and ideas were provided by several folks. The consensus was that we will propose to Bitergia that they use our #programs:metrics area here on the Hub to interact with the various teams as we onboard them to the platform. This will allow us to monitor how things are going, without having to slow down the conversations and work. We will need to indicate to Bitergia who the teams and individuals are, which we should be able to maintain using our OSC Hub Groups. @downey will take this information back to Bitergia to finalize the statement of work. We also hope to continue working with Bitergia to make sure our work on maturity model evaluations can be supported by the dashboards, or we can create new ones as applicable.

  • We will work to finalize things needed for time tracking projects and reporting those efforts upstream for DIAL’s own internal reporting. Agreed to continue to use GitLab across all areas of the OSC team’s efforts. Heath & Michael created a spreadsheet of proposed OSC categories/“buckets” of time, that will be kept in sync with DIAL’s tool. We’ll then take our regular exports of GitLab time spend, map them against those categories, and send a CSV up for ingestion in the DIAL tool. Everyone agreed to review the categories by next week’s meeting for final approval. @rpatterson graciously volunteered to be a single point of contact for maintaining the list of categories, at least with respect to OSC. (There may be other DIAL groups that want to fit in with the taxonomy.)

Those are the major updates from this week’s meeting. If I’ve left out anything (apologies!) folks are encouraged to add more comments by replying to this topic. Thanks to all who participated!