Weekly Update Meeting 2020-W8

The OSC Weekly Update meeting for Week 8 of 2020 is scheduled for this Wednesday, 2020-02-19. All OSC @team members are requested to attend this live real-time meeting, and the meeting is open to others who wish to listen for updates. A summary of the meeting will be posted to this topic after the meeting has completed. Meeting URL: https://zoom.us/j/289468425

Additions to the topic queue:

  • Update on recent sustainability work (see below)
  • Updates on MOU’s and engagements
  • Final review/approval on the time tracking categories
  • Communications: How OSC can more widely share our thoughts and expertise

Written updates for me for this week:

  • Sustainability: Reviewing strategy docs and status with the Sustainability team this week (Wednesday).

  • Membership programs: Pace of CG-04 round has picked up as we approach the final week of applications. We have reached an agreeement on how to move forward practically with Bitergia and will be kicking off the written contract/signature process this week. Work continues to improve the Hub, building out Groups, and starting to look at processes for a better service desk functionality than we’ve seen practically with GitLab. We cross-posted a Digital Square blog post as well. Finally, we are working on GitLab modifications for effective tracking of costs and labor for service engagements.

  • Mentorship programs: We have 8 projects funded and rostered for the mid-year Outreachy round. We are currently waiting a grant amendment to accelerate invoicing by the end of March. OSC member projects may be able to receive funding from the Outreachy general fund for additional internship slots; more to come as the date approaches. GSoC organizaitons will be announced 2020-02-20T19:00:00Z and we listed at minimum 4 projects under the umbrella with final results to be determined at that time.

Reminder to others on @osc-team to please add similar written updates and topic items ahead of the meeting – thanks!

Notes from meeting

Here’s a summary of the conversations from the Week 8 meeting – the full original notes remain available on DIAL’s internal Sharepoint site.

  • @rpatterson led us through a review and update of the master project plan to make sure things were up to date. We are still waiting for an update from @shermankong on the metrics project timeline to make sure the dates are accurate. She also encouraged us to review the Q1 budget numbers, which were/are sent out to staff on Monday 2020-02-24. Make sure to review ASAP!

  • @harensen walked us through an overview of @project-mojaglobal, one of the newer OSC member projects – they are participating in GSoC this summer. This is our first project focused on climate change, and has some very interesting tech for tracking forest cover. It has been deployed in Kenya and is looking at now scaling out to other countries. Their fiscal sponsor is Linux Foundation.

  • @sfarooqi led us in a review of the sustainability work that’s been going on, and the projects we’ve piloted tools with such as Primero. For future engagements, it’s important to make sure we remain deliverable focused rather than hour-focused.

  • Speaking of technical assistance engagements, @harensen walked us through some of them in the pipeline and how DIAL/UNF would like to track those in their internal Salesforce system. On the topic of time tracking, we also agreed on the initial taxonomy of “chargeable” work structures and will start work in the coming week on integrating those categories from GitLab to DIAL’s internal system.

  • @downey led a discussion about communication strategy. There is so much good work happening among our member projects; we need to both do better at keeping track of what they’re up to, and helping them share their work. Not only does this help their growth and success, it will open up new collaboration and funding opportunities. DIAL comms team offered input and advice; OSC will draft up some “tiered” ideas that being with smaller audiences such as here on OSC Hub, and then begin to roll up to larger and larger audiences for certain topics.

  • We finally ran through the written updates. Reminder to folks to submit your non-confidential written updates here on the Hub ahead of the meeting so we can integrate them into the agenda.

Those are the major updates from this week’s meeting. If I’ve left out anything (apologies!) folks are encouraged to add more comments by replying to this topic. Thanks to all who participated!