Weekly Update Meeting 2020-W9

The OSC Weekly Update meeting for Week 9 of 2020 is scheduled for this Wednesday, 2020-02-26.

Who? Why? What?

All @osc-team members requested to attend this live real-time meeting, and the meeting is open to others who wish to listen for updates. A summary of the meeting will be posted to this topic after the meeting has completed.


No later than the end of Tuesday AOE, every @osc-team member should reply to this post and provide:

  • A short written update of their past week, and
  • Any topics they would like to add to the ongoing disucssion queue.

How? Where?

My written updates for the week

  • Sustainability: Nothing new to report from my side here; @harensen and @sfarooqi have been hard at work on documentation & presentation materials which I will be reviewing later this week with @jwatson and then Kate W from DIAL next week.

  • Membership programs: We extended CG-04 deadline due to lots of other big events last week including Outreachy & GSoC deadlines. Submissions continue to come in every day. We are currently/still waiting on UNF to process the Bitergia contract and hope to have that back from them ASAP to get into Bitergia’s hands for signature. DIAL ops team are engaged directly with @GeorgLink at Bitergia on the process. Meanwhile we set up their presence on the Hub and have prepared some staged introduction materials. We have moved GitLab “support” related workflows over to the Hub, and ported over a few existing/old requests; I am working out a few bugs with forwarding emails into the tracking system to create new records/threads. Hope to work with Digital Square on some content engagement plans and using the Hub for various things; we will schedule a meeting in the next week or so.

  • Mentorship programs: We have 8 projects funded and rostered for the mid-year Outreachy round. We are still waiting on UNF/BSBR to complete a grant amendment to accelerate invoicing by the end of March. OSC member projects may be able to receive funding from the Outreachy general fund for additional internship slots and have given advance notice to organizers; more to come as the date approaches. GSoC organizaitons were announced last week and we have 7 projects under our umbrella, with 3 other OSC member projects participating independently. I set up a #programs:gsoc-suborgs tracker and started regular communication with the mentors and sub-org admins. Will be scheduling several individual follow ups with individual potential mentors in the coming week.

Meeting notes

  1. @rpatterson led the group in reviewing and updating the DIAL workplan spreadsheet. For the most part, this is now up-to-date.
  2. @sneilitz facilitated a discussion about what type of data is indicative of good OSC success that could be used in fundraising or other marketing materials. We reviewed existing and potential case studies. Scott will work with @downey on Monday on the next upcoming round of OSC surveys.
  3. Along those lines, DIAL communications team gave us a preview of the next week’s meeting where we will start discussing developing materials that can be used in such materials. Modular content can be used in budget proposals, concept notes, idea development, program/project descriptions, etc. One such “pitch” is currently under development and will be reviewed by Kate @ DIAL in the coming week (Tuesday).
  4. @harensen reviewed current discussions in early phase with a private-sector organization’s non-profit service unit. Over the next several weeks, will be engaging them in further conversations about how they may be able to support our program and member projects.