Welcome: Open Data Kit

The OSC Governance Advisory Board is happy to announce that our first official participating member project is Open Data Kit!

ODK is a long-standing ICT4D data collection platform in use throughout the world in a very wide variety of use cases. Launched at the University of Washington, the project is currently recruiting for a new Technical Steering Committee and will be also building a new project leadership group over the coming months. This is definitely an exciting time for ODK!

As many of you know know, ODK was an OSC pilot project, so we want to thank @yanokwa and the rest of ODK’s project management committee for helping us to define and create a program that we hope will benefit many different types of FOSS projects. We look forward to participating with them and other member projects to collectively move toward our shared vision.

To learn more about the ODK community or participate in their work, please check out their forum at https://forum.opendatakit.org/ and take a look at the presentation below:

Finally, we hope your open source T4D project will consider joining us as well! Check out http://www.osc.dial.community/join.html for details, then send a message to the @apply team to get started.


Very exciting!! Y’all have already helped inject so many great ideas into the ODK community. Can’t wait to see what other big things we can accomplish together.


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